Hello I am Irazema — blogger; certified master health and wellness coach; and personal chef at Life, Realistically.  I write about the skills and tools needed to have a good relationship with health and wellness – no matter where on the journey someone is on.

My personal philosophy involves looking at health and wellness as a progressive journey, often sprinkled with challenges and obstacles.  Since life is filled with imperfections, why wouldn’t our health journeys be as well?  I believe making changes —  no matter how big or small — require time, strength, and energy (not to mention compassion).  Sometimes progress occurs in leaps and bounds, other times it can best be measured in a matter of centimeters, but every change is worth it.  Life is not about striving for perfection, but rather building and shaping progress daily.

Wellness is real.  It can include negative feelings, incomplete goals, and defeat.  It can be hard and frustrating.  But it can also involve growth and advancement.  It can bridge the good days with the not so good days.  I feel all are part of the landscape and need to be acknowledged.   

Live life realistically.

More About Me

A native of Southern California, I call the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area home.  I have a Master’s Degree in Health Education with a specialization in Holistic Nutrition; and am certified as both a Master Health and Wellness Coach, and Personal Fitness Chef. I love to explore everything the Bay Area has to offer- fantastic hiking trails, bountiful farmers’ markets, and superb restaurants. When I’m not exploring the dirt paths and paved roads, I can be found in the confines of my kitchen nourishing my body, my soul, and my spirit with delectable homemade goodies.  I’m a coach, educator, writer, and confidante to those seeking a realistic approach to wellness.