Life, Realistically is about finding the changes that will stick long term.  It is not about perfection, but rather the small steps you can take to bring about a better self.  Life, Realistically is that bridge between enjoying life as is and the life we imagine for ourselves.  It is fantastic to have goals and reach for the stars, but it is also marvelous to relish in the journey that will lead you there.   

It is not all or nothing.  Too many times we fall into this belief that we must do it all or not even try.  Then what happens?  Chances are we give up because it is too hard to be one hundred percent, one hundred percent of the time.  You tried cutting sugar out completely from your diet only to have a cookie one week later.  You put away your running shoes after three days because your time was not improving.  You gave up because you could not conform to the idea you had in your head of what healthy meant. 

Life, Realistically is about setting expectations -realistically.  It is about the small change you can make—and embrace–  right now, today.  Every health journey starts with a small, sustainable step and that should be the focus.  Maybe you meditate for five minutes instead of two hours.  That is okay.  So you had fries today.  You are not a failure for doing so (and I hope you savored and enjoyed every one of them).  You start small, crush that goal, and build from there.   

Acknowledge that life is not always perfect, and pivot when things do not go exactly as planned.  Know that perfection does not exist and learn to keep going when the results you longed for do not come overnight.  Embrace your own life — realistically.