hormones and diabetes/prediabetes prevention nutritionist.

Hello I am Irazema – certified personal chef and registered holistic nutritionist focused on using nutritious ingredients to balance blood sugar and create overall health. My mission is to help people find the energy and confidence they are seeking by balancing their blood sugar – one delicious bite at a time. 

Have you been diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance? Diabetes or prediabetes diagnosis? Are you feeling tired, stressed, and sleep deprived? Do you wish you had a better relationship with food? I’ve been there. I have had sleepless nights, sluggish mornings and everything in between. My blood sugar, weight, and hormones have been all over the place. I have had battles with emotional eating and been confused on what and how much to eat. I know I am not alone with these challenges and the process can be daunting as frustration, desperation, and hopelessness set in.  

My personal food philosophy is simple: food feeds our bodies, soul, and community. It heals our bodies, it can bring us joy, and it connects us with others. In addition, I believe food has the power to heal us. The way we eat can improve our health and the health of those around us. That is why I feel it is important to use food to fuel us and maintain our vitality.

My Approach as a Nutritionist

I am here to ask thought-provoking questions to help discover the right options for you. We work together to identify the obstacles stopping you from reaching your optimal health, then strategize on ways to overcome them. I offer the mentorship and guidance needed to help you find long-term success.

You are never alone on your journey.

We start where you are and go from there. I believe making changes —  no matter how big or small — require time, strength, and energy (not to mention compassion). Sometimes we take giant leaps, other times it feels more like baby steps. The important thing is we establish your goals and move towards them. How? Firstly, as a consultant I can provide the tools and knowledge gained from my years helping others manage their prediabetes/diabetes diagnosis and hormone imbalances to create realistic and sustainable goals to take. Then, as a chef, I help you spring those goals into action by showing you how to create delicious and nutritious meals you’ll feel excited to make.

Let’s work together on your journey!

More About Me

A native of Southern California, I call the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area home. I am registered as a holistic nutritionist and have a Master’s Degree in Health Education with a specialization in Holistic Nutrition. In addition, I am certified as a Personal Fitness Chef and a Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach. 

I love to explore everything the Bay Area has to offer- fantastic hiking trails, bountiful farmers’ markets, and superb restaurants. When I’m not exploring the dirt paths and paved roads, I can be found in the confines of my kitchen nourishing my body, my soul, and my spirit with delectable homemade goodies. Furthermore, I’m a nutritionist, coach, and confidante to those seeking a long-term approach to wellness.

Spencer Institute, CSNN Graduate. Wellness Coach, Holistic Nutritional Consultant