Nutrition Consultation

As a nutritionist certified in diabetes prevention, I look at where you are now and where you would like to be to come up with a personalized plan to get you there. As your consultant I give you research-based recommendations and suggestions on how to maintain stable blood sugar. Whether you need to know how to eat more mindfully, which foods work best for your body, or simply what a carb really is, I can help.

During our first meeting we will identify short- and long-term dietary goals and create actionable steps that are both attainable and realistic. I explain the how’s and why’s of picking certain foods and help you create a plan that can fit into your lifestyle – no matter what that lifestyle looks like. Whether you have a busy schedule, struggle making nutritious options, or even hate spending time in the kitchen – we’ll figure out a plan that will fit your needs. 

Your goals and outlook may change as time goes on and we can adjust accordingly as you learn more about what works and what doesn’t for your body and lifestyle. No one is here to judge you or give you rigid eating rules to follow. We work together to make sure the goals you set will get you the results you are looking for.  No fad diets here, just science-based information to build a sustainable lifestyle.

60-min session $90

Virtual Cooking Classes

Need help creating blood-sugar friendly recipes that are delicious and satisfying? Want to modify your everyday meals? Nutritious food does not mean boring or bland. As a chef, I teach you how to use the kitchen to your advantage by cooking meals that are full of flavor and filled with nutrients that will leave you energized and ready to conquer the day. I show you how to spruce up any meal and turn it into a flavorful culinary masterpiece that is satisfying, nutritious, and tasty — whether you are a home chef extraordinaire or use your kitchen primarily for microwaving popcorn. I’ll guide you through virtual cooking lessons to ensure you get the steps down pat. That’s right! You get to learn to prepare meals in your own kitchen, making it easier to replicate time and time again. 

Have food sensitivities or special diets? No problem. I work with many dietary and lifestyle restrictions to guarantee you are getting satisfying meals that fit your needs.

60-min individualized cooking lessons $60

C + C Combo (Consult and Cooking)

For those looking for nutrition consultation and cooking lessons. This three-session package includes a 60-min nutrition consultation to set a monthly mini-goal, and two 60-minute cooking lessons to create low-sugar, diabetes-friendly recipes that coincide with the monthly goal. This well-rounded package gives you the opportunity to learn the how’s and why’s of blood sugar balance. Recommended for those starting off on their health journey or those wanting to improve their eating habits.

60-min consultation, 2 60-min cooking classes, $200

Mini Introduction*

Not sure what option is right for you?  Sign up for the introductory package: a 40-minute consultation and 20-minute mini cooking class.** 

It’s a great way to dip your toe in the water and jumpstart your new lifestyle. We review current habits and create a goal for the week. We then finish off with a mini cooking lesson to ensure you will crush your goal. The best of both worlds, all wrapped up in 60 minutes. Fast and efficient! 

40-min consult and 20-min mini cooking class, $85

*First-time clients only

**The consultation and mini cooking lesson must be done during the same 60-minute booking session.