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4 Tips to Elevate Your Coffee Game

Cold weather calls for a warming cup of coffee, am I right? Sipping on a mug filled with that steamy, aromatic brew is comforting and cherished (not to mention a ritual for many around the world).  It can make or break any morning that’s for sure. 

Coffee seems like a simple culinary task; it only involves two ingredients, water and beans.  Yet, it can be a very complex and/or complicated thing to master, especially when trying to jazz up the daily cup of joe.  Fear not, because upgrading your regular coffee experience is easier than you think.  With a handful of ingredients and a few minutes, a new favorite way to drink coffee can be born.  

Read below the four tips that will elevate your brew:

  1. Spice it Up. Want to add some flavor without the added sugars, flavors, or oils that syrups and flavored creamers bring to the party?  Add some spice to the grounds themselves right before brewing.  Cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg all play nicely with coffee, but you can also add a splash of vanilla extract or a couple teaspoons of cocoa powder for a more flavorful kick.  Pretty much any spice will do just remember to start off small (¼ tsp is a good place to start).  Spices are flavor powerhouses — a little goes a long way.
  2. Salt it.  Whether it steeped too long or the grind was incorrect, a bitter cup of coffee can happen to the best of us.  If you find your brew bitter add a pinch of salt to it.  The salt works to neutralize the bitterness of the coffee by interfering with the taste receptors responsible for bitterness.  Just make sure it’s natural salt, like sea salt, pink, or any other sourced from mother earth.  Stay away from processed table salt. 
  3. Bulletproof that Cup.  Created by biohacker Dave Asprey, bulletproof coffee (or butter coffee) boosts coffee to a completely new level.  Brewed coffee is blended with butter (grass-fed, thank you very much) and MCT oil until creamy and frothy.  The added fat helps with satiety while adding a touch of sweetness.  The MCT oil has also shown to be used as energy quickly by the body, rather than stored as fat.  Although it is very filling on its own, I suggest adding a scoop or two of collagen to turn your morning coffee into a meal that will keep you full for hours.
  4. Make Your Own Milk. Not part of the black coffee crowd?  I hear you.  Try making your own milk to add to your coffee.  Homemade dairy-free milks are on in a class by themselves.  Not only are they void of funky fillers, gums, and sweeteners but the flavor is deeper and richer than the store-bought versions.  All you need to get started is a milk bag or cheesecloth, and a high-speed blender (no high-speed blender? You can still make it, but keep in mind you will lose a lot of product since milk will not be blended as smoothly).  It takes literally minutes to blend and strain.  A little almond or coconut milk in your coffee can turn any cup into a creamy, dreamy coffeehouse beverage.    

– Progress, Not Perfection –

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