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4 Goal-Setting Tips to Help in the New Year

Do you feel like you try to do better, but you just don’t see improvements? You wake up every day saying you want to make a change, but you do not see results like you would like? Chances are you do not lack the desire to make changes, but rather your goal-making strategies need some… Continue reading 4 Goal-Setting Tips to Help in the New Year

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4 Tips to Elevate Your Coffee Game

Cold weather calls for a warming cup of coffee, am I right? Sipping on a mug filled with that steamy, aromatic brew is comforting and cherished (not to mention a ritual for many around the world).  It can make or break any morning that’s for sure.  Coffee seems like a simple culinary task; it only… Continue reading 4 Tips to Elevate Your Coffee Game

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Pumpkin Cream Cups

Fall= pumpkin.  It just does.  As soon as the weather turns chilly, we start to see pumpkin patches, and pumpkin spice this and pumpkin spice that.  Every year this beautiful gourd gets its moment in the spotlight.   Luckily, in the past few decades we have seen pumpkin extend past the obligatory pie and into breads,… Continue reading Pumpkin Cream Cups