Almond Hot Chocolate

It’s hot chocolate weather. There is something comforting about a sweet, thick chocolatey mug of goodness. It’s like a melted candy bar in cup. Hot chocolate feels like dessert in a glass to me, which is probably why I tend to drink it slowly after meals savoring every sip.

This hot chocolate recipe takes the standard hot choc to another level. The cacao gives it a slight bitterness that most hot chocolates don’t have. I always add cinnamon to mine (it’s a Mexican thing), for extra warmth, and the almond butter not only gives it a subtle nutty flavor, but it also helps thicken it up, creating a richer hot chocolate. Add a couple grinds of salt to balance out flavors and you have the most perfect balance of sweet, salty, nutty, chocolatey yumminess you can have in a warm beverage.



8-10 oz milk (I used coconut milk): high in saturated fat and MCT, which gets used for energy instead of stored as fat

2 teaspoons cacao powder (use cocoa powder for a milder chocolate flavor): filled with antioxidants

¼ tsp cinnamon: has anti-inflammatory properties

1-2 tsp almond butter: good source of fiber, beneficial for digestive health

Natural salt: filled with various minerals

Sweetener of choice (I used stevia, but monkfruit, coconut sugar, or honey can work- depending on food philosophy)


Heat milk in a small saucepan on medium low heat until small bubbles begin to form. 

Gently add cacao, cinnamon, salt, and sweetener. 

Mix well to dissolve. 

Add almond butter and stir until completely incorporated. 

Heat until nice and hot. Carefully transfer to blender and blend until frothy (alternatively, can use a milk frother).

Enjoy you milk mustache.

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