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4 Ways to Ensure Veggies Get on Your Plate

Fall is all about warming, stick-to-your-ribs, comfort food.  Piping hot stews, casseroles, baked this, and baked that.  It’s also the time of year to get nostalgic and bring out the all-time family favorites.  Cookies, pies, and rich hearty foods line tables household after household, week after week. With so many food options to choose from… Continue reading 4 Ways to Ensure Veggies Get on Your Plate

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Healing Detox Soup

There is a lot of discussion around detox.  Yes, our bodies detoxify naturally- that’s how harmful additives are removed from the body.  Several organs including the kidneys, liver, and colon; and the lymphatic system work to flush out toxins throughout the day.   However, as diligently as the body works to keep everything in tip top… Continue reading Healing Detox Soup