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Mocha Smoothie

It’s starting to warm up (yay!).  As the day starts earlier and the mornings aren’t as chilly, I declare that smoothies can make it back into rotation again (if they were ever out).  Smoothies make for a quick meal or snack.  Easy to take with out and about or sip while lounging around. 

This one can’t be beat (especially if you like coffee. And chocolate. And coffee with chocolate).  The almond butter gives it a nice creamy mouthfeel, the cacao spikes the smoothie with its bitter deliciousness, and the spices bring it home with its warm and cozy vibe.  Collagen helps keep you full longer meaning this smoothie feels decadent and rich for hours to come. 


¼- ½ cup cold coffee or cold brew: may help with cognitive function;

¼ cup milk (any kind will do);

2 tsp. raw cacao: antioxidant and high in magnesium to help with sleep regulation and muscle health;

1 scoop collagen powder (or any other protein powder): excellent for joint and bone health;

1 tbsp almond butter: good source of fiber, beneficial for digestive health;

¼ cup frozen spinach or 1 good handful fresh spinach: high in Vitamin A useful for immune health;

2 tsp. flax meal: fiber powerhouse;

¼ tsp. cinnamon: filled with anti-inflammatory goodness;

¼ tsp. turmeric: anti-inflammatory and antioxidant;

¼ tsp. ground ginger: reduces inflammation and supports cardiovascular health;

Sea Salt: filled with various minerals

Ice cubes (optional but well worth it)


Dump everything into a high-speed blender and blend away.  I usually add the spinach first, but your call.  Serve in tall glass with straw.  Slurp, gulp, drink.

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