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Low-Carb Fideo

Fideo is one of things that takes me back to my childhood.  It’s a fill-your-belly-and-your-soul kind of soup that is simple, yet never basic.  I could eat bowl after bowl (and I have). 

For those of you without the luxury of growing up with this stuff, fideo (vermicelli), is first sauteed to release its nutty flavor and aroma before finding its way into a tomato-based broth.  It is comfort food at its finest.  I kept making it while adulting because it was cheap (no styrofoam cup of ramen for me in college, thank you very much) and quick.  No more than 20 minutes is needed to create a bowl of steaming soup.    

However, once I had to give up gluten I realized my fideo days were numbered.  It’s hard to find a good replacement for fideo since most gluten-free pastas turn to mush when submerged in liquid and replicating that nutty taste can be challenging. 

I never lost hope though.  I recreated this low-carb, gluten-free version to really amp up the nutritional profile and flavor.  I made it with bone broth to give it more flavor and gut-healing power and added veggies to turn this soup a complete meal (plus the vegetables add vitamins and minerals to the mix).  Not to mention the toasted sesame oil subs beautifully for that nutty aroma the vermicelli gives in the og version.  The end result: rich, flavorful, and filling, is even better than the fideo I remember.  Slurp away my friends.


1 package of low-carb noodles (I used ones made with konjac flour): most low-carb noodles tend to cause less blood sugar and insulin spikes than their gluten-heavy counterparts;

1-2 tbsp coconut oil: the medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil are used immediately for energy;

5-6 mushrooms, diced or sliced: rich in selenium, which binds heavy metals and lowers inflammation;

2-3 cloves of garlic, chopped: contains antioxidants to fight oxidative stress;

1 can diced tomatoes: loaded with vitamin C for immune health;

4 cups bone broth: rich in amino acids, wonderful to reduce inflammation;

2 cups kale, chopped or torn into bite-sized pieces: great source of vitamin K for wound healing and bone health;

4-8 oz. chicken breast, cooked and diced: protein powerhouse for satiety;

¼ cup cilantro, chopped (optional): can help detoxify heavy metals in the system;

Juice of one lemon (optional): antioxidant powerhouse;

1 tsp toasted sesame oil (optional): can help with inflammation;

Natural Salt: rich in various minerals


In a medium stockpot heat coconut oil on medium heat until it begins to shimmer. 

Add mushrooms and sauté until softened.  Toss in garlic and continue to cook until fragrant (about a minute).  Add canned tomatoes and bone broth to the pot and bring soup to a simmer.  Put chicken and kale into the pot, continuing to cook until kale has started to wilt.  Season with salt if needed.  Meanwhile, follow package directions for noodles (mine says to drain, then place in a dry pan and cook until moisture evaporates).  To serve, place noodles in the bottom of a bowl.  Ladle soup over noodles.  Top with cilantro, lemon juice and a drizzle of toasted sesame oil if desired.

– Progress, Not Perfection –

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