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Why It’s Okay to Not be Okay

We’ve all heard it before: it’s okay to not be okay. It is acceptable to embrace a situation when it doesn’t go as planned. We do not have to “toughen up” or “put on a face” to cover how we really feel. Not being fine: stumbling, hurting, crying; is acceptable and nothing to be ashamed… Continue reading Why It’s Okay to Not be Okay

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How Word Choices Affect Our Habits: Get To vs. Have To

Words are powerful.  They hold value and strength.  Words make us move, shift, change our thinking, our logic, our way of life.  Choosing which words to use is critical.  They can carve a road to happiness or a path to discontentment.  Take for example the words “can’t” and “won’t”.  A research study was conducted on… Continue reading How Word Choices Affect Our Habits: Get To vs. Have To

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The Success of Failure: Four Ways to Turn a Negative Situation into a Positive Experience

It’s hard to talk about failure.  When we dream up things to do and goals to reach, rarely does we say “hey, I don’t really want to accomplish all this”. No one ever sets out to fail and yet, failure is par for the course: a diet that gets derailed; a workout that gets ignored; … Continue reading The Success of Failure: Four Ways to Turn a Negative Situation into a Positive Experience

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What is Whole Person Health?

Holistic medicine can be seen as unconventional in the Western world.  This thought that our being is interconnected seems peculiar to some, after all we have been taught to compartmentalize our bodies.  Tooth hurts?  See a dentist.  Foot issues? Call the podiatrist.  Have a rash? See the dermatologist for some ointment.  Conventional medicine doesn’t stop… Continue reading What is Whole Person Health?

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Finding a New Baseline

Change is the only constant – it is inevitable really.  Yes, there are times when we see it coming, but then there are times when it smacks us upside the head (#2020).  Although change can be scary it can also serve as a time to reset for a new normal; a new baseline per se… Continue reading Finding a New Baseline

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Coconut Milk Three Ways

I use a lot of coconut products: oil, cream, butter, shredded, water.  All add great additions to any dish whether sweet, savory or spicy, but none reign quite as supreme in my book as coconut milk.  I use it a fair amount.  It is rich, creamy, and has a very similar mouthfeel to cow’s milk. … Continue reading Coconut Milk Three Ways

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Meal Prep Your Way to Goodness

For those who like calm and order, meal prepping can be very effective.  It helps to set up the week, leaving little up in the air to figure out on the spot.  However, for those who find meal prepping stress inducing, it can be a little daunting to think about.  All those containers and preplanning… Continue reading Meal Prep Your Way to Goodness

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Why Habits Don’t Stick

We have all been there.  You know, trying to do something new in hopes of making changes to our routine.  We adopt a new eating regimen, a new sleeping pattern, perhaps a new fitness routine.  We buy what we need to make it happen, set ourselves up as best as possible and run with it. … Continue reading Why Habits Don’t Stick

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Four Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Enticing

The kitchen is my happy place.  And although I feel comfortable there, I know that may not be the case for everyone.  For some it can be an overwhelming place, a boring place.  For others, spending time in the kitchen is as a must do rather than I get to do – a chore to… Continue reading Four Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Enticing

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Why It Tastes “Good”

Ever loved a food because it tastes good?  That feeling that one bite is never enough.  You daydream about it.  You obsess about it.  You swear you cannot stop eating it.  Here’s a secret: it doesn’t taste "good".  It is not your taste buds singing its praises – it is probably all in our heads.… Continue reading Why It Tastes “Good”