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Quick and Easy Tips for Eco-Friendly Cooking

You have your reusable coffee mug and silicone straw (congrats!).  Plus, you compost, recycle, and bring your own tote bag every time you shop.  You want to do your part to greenify your kitchen and make it eco-friendly. There are so many things that impact the environment from what we buy to what we drive,… Continue reading Quick and Easy Tips for Eco-Friendly Cooking

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Healing Bone Broth Cranberry Sauce

Are the holidays complete without cranberry sauce? I have to admit it’s a favorite of mine- jellied of course.  Growing up, I loved slicing it up and plopping it next to the mashed potatoes so a little of the gravy would make its way to the crimson red disc.  It was not only pretty but… Continue reading Healing Bone Broth Cranberry Sauce

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Pumpkin Cream Cups

Fall= pumpkin.  It just does.  As soon as the weather turns chilly, we start to see pumpkin patches, and pumpkin spice this and pumpkin spice that.  Every year this beautiful gourd gets its moment in the spotlight.   Luckily, in the past few decades we have seen pumpkin extend past the obligatory pie and into breads,… Continue reading Pumpkin Cream Cups

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Mashed Cauliflower

I developed a sensitivity to potatoes a while back.  Although I wasn’t a huge spud consumer in the past, I did occasionally like to eat mashed potatoes.  One bite and it is easy to see why it is considered a comfort food.  There is something heavenly about a spoonful of fluffy, creamy, buttery mashed potatoes… Continue reading Mashed Cauliflower