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The Power of Walking

Walking.  It gets a bad rap.  The idea of early morning mall walkers seems to resonate with many when the concept of walking comes up.  Some call walking a cop out.  Others see it as a waste of gym time.  It may not be as physically demanding as running or as strenuous as biking, but… Continue reading The Power of Walking

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Three Techniques to Try Next Time You’re Stressed

Stress.  It affects us all. Those emerging deadlines, never ending to-do lists, sick loved ones, financial issues can contribute to stressful lives. Chronic stress can impact mental and physical wellbeing in a negative fashion, but luckily there are ways to counter emotional stress we unavoidably face.  While most people know to use relaxation techniques, such… Continue reading Three Techniques to Try Next Time You’re Stressed

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How Chronic Stress Can Affect Physical Health

By now, most people are aware of the toll stress can take on their mental health.  The links to depression and anxiety are uncanny.  The emotional exhaustion is felt.  The angst it causes is real.     The effect chronic stress has on physical health is just as prominent, but maybe not as recognized.  An estimated… Continue reading How Chronic Stress Can Affect Physical Health

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Mexican-Style Picadillo

Picadillo.  So many versions exist.  Every country makes it differently, but at its core it is a dish of ground beef, tomatoes or tomato sauce and raisins.   The Mexican version includes potatoes and can be served inside tacos, on tostadas, or as a filing for gorditas.  It is a versatile dish that is quick to… Continue reading Mexican-Style Picadillo

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Embrace an Imperfect Life

I was raised to believe everything had to be perfect.  Less than was undesirable.  If I did not get 100% on a test, then I had nothing to brag about.  There was no victory in mediocracy, no fanfare in good enough.  That mentality continued for years.  Disappointment was the norm if a goal was not… Continue reading Embrace an Imperfect Life

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Living Life Realistically vs. Making New Year’s Resolutions

Resolution time of year.  New year, new you am I right?  And why not?  New beginnings are always exciting and wonderful.  The possibilities are virtually endless.  This is the year for change.  Yet resolutions dwindle down within a few days and become non-existent by mid-February.  Why?  Well, primarily because most resolutions aren’t set in reality. … Continue reading Living Life Realistically vs. Making New Year’s Resolutions

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The Quest for Food-Free Socializing

I have people I work with talk about the dread that comes with the holiday season and cozy, winter months.  “So much food.” “So many desserts.” “Food everywhere!” And it is true.  Special once-a-year items are found just about anywhere, and due to their seasonality, people find the urge to consume them: right here, right… Continue reading The Quest for Food-Free Socializing

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Cultivate a Relaxation Practice at Work

Ever find yourself overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed while working?  Well, you are not alone.  Anxiety can lead to at lost productivity (on average at least four work days are lost a month due to anxiety) and a whopping 83% of US workers complain of work-related stress. Most people will experience these issues at work, and… Continue reading Cultivate a Relaxation Practice at Work

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How to Empower Yourself to Say “No”

Overwhelmed.  Buried under deadlines, invites, and multiple to-do’s.  It can be tough to deal with things coming from multiple directions, especially if you are a people pleaser or overachiever.  Figuring out how to get through everything n the daily to-do list seems like a juggling act at times. Often, when this happens, we focus on… Continue reading How to Empower Yourself to Say “No”